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Everybody loves water pressure — especially if you’re getting the slip-n-’-slide ready for the kiddos or hopping in the shower after a long day. However, the novelty does start to wear off when it comes to your irrigation system.

Over time, high water pressure can damage the core components of your irrigation system, and this kind of deterioration can be costly. We’ve seen many firsthand examples of extensive damage to irrigation systems caused by high water pressure — even when the pressure falls within the specified range of the component rating.

Common damage from poor pressure regulation can include:

  • Breaks in the lines
  • Backflow leaks
  • Broken sprinkler heads
  • Uneven distribution of water

Although the components of an irrigation system may be rated for much higher pressures, the sprinkler heads are designed to operate “best” at lower pressures.

This means that the even distribution of water improves significantly when the pressure pushing the water through the nozzle is within a certain range. You may love the high water pressure in your shower, but the experts at Rainy Days have Seen Some Things: like irrigation systems with extensive damage.

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Irrigation is a heavily regulated field. To demonstrate our trustworthiness to our clients, we make sure to have all our licensing boxes checked.

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What’s a Pressure Reducer?

Irrigation systems are designed to sustain water pressure from 65 to 75 psi. For any pressure above 100 psi, we recommend enlisting the help of a pressure reducer. Pressure reducers, commonly referred to as pressure regulators or pressure-reducing valves, help reduce incoming water pressure to a rate that’s manageable for your irrigation system.

Our irrigation technicians can check the water pressure with a pressure gauge at the backflow and install a pressure reducer if needed. We’ll make sure your existing irrigation system runs as efficiently as possible.

Hallmarks of High Water Pressure

  • Leaks in piping, valves or backflow
  • Fog of water rising above the sprinkler head when in operation
  • Poor distribution of water-Poor coverage
  • Increased water use


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    "My standing water cleared up in five minutes!!"

    “Yeah! My standing water cleared up in five minutes!! Thanks to your great crew! They completely understood the drainage issue that prevented me from entering my home and immediately proceeded to correct the problem.”

    Barbara K.

    "I couldn't believe how quickly their crew got all that work completed and how good of a job they did for us."

    “We had some serious drainage issues when we purchased our business property and David knew exactly how to solve our problems. I couldn’t believe how quickly their crew got all that work completed and how good of a job they did for us. We haven’t had one problem since!”

    Patrick B.

    "...took his time answering all of my questions and helping me learn how to use my irrigation device."

    “Jonathan was right on schedule and took his time answering all of my questions and helping me learn how to use my irrigation device. He also spent some time to adjust some of the heads so that they worked better for the area where they were located.”

    Terri D.

    "Did the job prompty, was there promptly and went to work promptly."

    “This morning Jose came out and I really don’t see many people who are as good with the customers as he is. He was a real pleasure to work with. Did the job promptly, was there promptly and went to work promptly. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Jose.”

    Johnny M.

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