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Keep water in its place – so you and your family can play in it!

Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. now offers pool installation, cleaning, and maintenance services for our Triangle-area clients.

Contact us: poolservice@rainydaysnc.com

We take pride in the customer service we provide. Not only do we make it a priority to conserve water and save you time and energy, but our office staff is also available — and we’re always delighted to meet your needs.

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Irrigation is a heavily regulated field. To demonstrate our trustworthiness to our clients, we make sure to have all our licensing boxes checked.

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Life Is Short: Get the Pool! We'll Do All the Work

Have you always wanted to put a pool in your yard? Do you already have a pool – and you love it – but you hate the maintenance chores like cleaning, skimming, and measuring chemicals like a mad scientist when you’d rather be soaking up rays?

Contact Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. and reclaim your recreation.

Newly Constructed Pool Packages: $690

12 visits over a 1-month period to ensure your levels are safely maintained to protect your new pool. Our technicians will check and balance your pool’s chemicals at each visit during this sensitive time for your pool’s plaster.


1-2 hour walkthrough for clients and their new (or new to them) pool. Our technician will walk through the entire system’s operation with you, including equipment, internal spa operations, and lights. We’ll also explain your maintenance package(s) and what those visits entail, show you the location of your shut-offs and what to do in an emergency, and explain other services we offer. 

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Rainy Days Makes Sure You Enjoy Your Sunny Days

Contact Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. for hassle-free pool maintenance.

In addition to installation and other specialized pool services, we also offer monthly maintenance packages to keep your pool pristine. If you’re not ready to cannonball into a full package deal, you can hire our expert techs on an hourly basis. Whether you opt for our full course of services or just order them a la carte, our team gives you white-glove service with giant grins on our faces.

Startup/Shutdown Package; $690/year

Pools that require a shutdown will be drained below the return lines, so we can run anti-freeze through them. Then we clear the lines and refill the pool to appropriate levels in the Spring.

External Hot Tub Package: $175/month

This is for hot tubs that are not built into your pool. Our technician will drain the tub to clean it and its filters. Then we refill it, balance the chemicals, and test the water 20 minutes after adding them. (No more mad scientist for you!)

Weekly Maintenance Package: Starts at $295/month

Requires a visit from our lead technician prior to starting a maintenance package. To get your pool to a maintenance level, our on-site technician will diagnose issues and make any repairs and upgrades with homeowner approval (estimates are provided, if not approved, on-site). We bill this visit at $155 for the first hour and $115 for each additional hour + materials (generally 1-2 hours).
Weekly visits typically take 30-45 minutes for our technicians to check/balance chemicals/salt, brush pool surfaces, clear debris, vacuum, ensure all lights are working and all equipment is functioning, blow off hardscapes around the pool, and wipe down pool furniture as needed. 

Service Rates:

For non-service plan clients: $155 for the first hour, then $115 for each additional hour + cost of materials.

For service plan members: $115/hr + materials.

For pool lighting maintenance: $155 for the first hour, then $115 for each additional hour + cost of materials.


You don’t have to take our word for it. You can see what our clients have to say.

    "My standing water cleared up in five minutes!!"

    “Yeah! My standing water cleared up in five minutes!! Thanks to your great crew! They completely understood the drainage issue that prevented me from entering my home and immediately proceeded to correct the problem.”

    Barbara K.

    "I couldn't believe how quickly their crew got all that work completed and how good of a job they did for us."

    “We had some serious drainage issues when we purchased our business property and David knew exactly how to solve our problems. I couldn’t believe how quickly their crew got all that work completed and how good of a job they did for us. We haven’t had one problem since!”

    Patrick B.

    "...took his time answering all of my questions and helping me learn how to use my irrigation device."

    “Jonathan was right on schedule and took his time answering all of my questions and helping me learn how to use my irrigation device. He also spent some time to adjust some of the heads so that they worked better for the area where they were located.”

    Terri D.

    "Did the job prompty, was there promptly and went to work promptly."

    “This morning Jose came out and I really don’t see many people who are as good with the customers as he is. He was a real pleasure to work with. Did the job promptly, was there promptly and went to work promptly. I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with Jose.”

    Johnny M.

Keep water in its place

Contact Rainy Days for pool installation and maintenance services.