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Landscape Lighting

Lighting Functional Lit Designs

At the end of the day, nothing says, "Welcome!" like a well lit home. With low-voltage landscape lighting, you can illuminate everything that makes your house unique.

Proper Installation

Proper installation means special consideration should be given to maximizing the number of components installed on a system while taking every effort to minimize the overall cost.

Upgrades, Maintenance and Repair Services

We take care of all of your landscape lighting needs including:

  • Replacing dim or burned out bulbs
  • Repairing severed wiring and burned out transformers
  • Cleaning lenses, repairing and adjusting fixtures
  • Verifying lighting timers and dimmers are set properly
  • Replacing non-operating control modules, timers and photocells
  • Installing additional lighting
  • Upgrading to LED bulbs, new control units and fixtures

Helpful Tips Helpful Tips

Services On A Regular Basis

Have a professional service your system on a regular basis. The service should include checking voltage at the lights to prolong the bulb life, resetting the timer, replacing burnt bulbs and resetting lights.

Low Wattage Bulbs For Porch & Post Lights

Install low wattage bulbs in your 120 volt porch lights and post lights so the lights will not overpower the landscape lighting system. Upgrade bulbs to LED's to extend bulb life and reduce energy consumption.

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The Many Advantages

Lighting BenefitsAffordable High-end Exterior Lights

Efficiently installing the fixtures and using the proper lighting techniques will result in the following benefits:

  • Safety & Security
    A proven deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family and friends.
  • Visual Appeal
    Beautifully enhances any outdoor landscaping and architecture, increasing your property value.
  • Provides More Time
    Extends your living space to the outdoors. Illuminating pools, children's play areas, outdoor cooking areas, patios, and walkways your exterior lighting system will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space long after sunset in an elegant entertaining atmosphere.
  • Low Maintenance & Low Voltage
    LED Lighting Systems use 80% less energy and last 40 times longer than halogen. Because LED light bulbs use less energy than existing lighting systems, transformer and wire can support doubling the number of lighting fixtures after upgrading to LEDs.
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Recent Projects

Landscape Lighting Applications Examples

  • Stairs & Deck Lighting
    Stairs & Below Deck
    Details >>
    Stairs and below deck
    This example uses post mounted down-lights to illuminate the steps for safety and
    aesthetics. There is also a down-light mounted above the tree illuminating the tree foliage.
  • Lighting Path & Front of House
    Path & Front Uplights
    Details >>
    Path & Front Uplights
    Here is an example of of up-lights being used not only on the face of the home but also
    on a few trees in the plant bed. This is also a good example of path-lighting. Notice the
    spacing of the path-lights avoid creating the "Runway Affect".
  • Uplight Exampale
    Details >>
    This is an example of up-lighting be used to accentuates the architectural details of the
    front exterior of a home. Notice how the dentil molding at the top of each exterior wall is highlighted. The blue holiday lights are a separate lighting system.
  • Deck Lighting Example
    Outdoor Lighting Deck
    Details >>
    Outdoor Lighting Deck
    Here is an example of down-lights mounted on step-lights set in the riser
    of the steps to provide light on the deck without having the light distract from the view
    off the deck.
  • Poor Lighting Example
    Poor Design Example
    Details >>
    Poor Design Example - Brick Front w/o Dormers
    This lighting system does NOT take advantage of the architectural features other than the
    coin corners in the brick work. The home looks short and wide because all the light is below
    the eaves of the 1 st floor. Dark color exteriors such as brick soak up the light and create
    large contrasts of light on the brick surface. A better way to light the brick would be to
    use a light that projects a wide spread of light with a higher wattage placed in the center
    of the wall on the ground to cast a more even light on the brick as well as high-lighting
    the trim work under the eaves of roof. The multiple dormers should have wide spread lights
    placed on the gutters pointed up to show the trim details of the dormers.
  • Column Light
    Column Lights
    Details >>
    Column Lights
    120 volt column lights and post lights can be converted to low voltage and added to the
    landscape lighting system. The advantage to doing is the lights will be controlled by a timer
    along with the other lights, the light output is more controllable and the electrical usage is reduced.
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LED Lighting Benefits

The benefits of choosing LED bulbs for your exterior landscape lighting reach well beyond their tremendous lighting output. They are also more cost effective and eco friendly than the traditional halogen lamps.

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Custom Lighting Solutions

Our landscape lighting designs are a custom fit for your property's exterior. Every fixture and bulb is professionally installed to insure the very best landscape illumination.

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