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Worry-FreeWorry-Free Maintenance Agreements

All sprinkler systems require periodic service to keep the system in optimal running condition. With Rainy Days' convenient Service Agreement, your maintenance worries will be over.

We offer several affordable plans customized to your needs. Whether you need monthly visits or just spring start ups and winterization, we can help you. Customers with maintenance contracts receive discounts on labor as well as priority scheduling.

The North Carolina Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board has issued a list of minimum standards designed to promote water use efficiency. Regular monthly inspections are called for to achieve the goal of the licensing law.

UpgradesUpgrades & Updates

Landscapes change over time. Plants grow, bed lines change and intentional changes to your property create changes to your irrigation system layout. We'll update your system to operate like when it was new.

Irrigation products are improving on a regular basis. Rainy Days can upgrade your system to save water, reduce damp areas and hot spots, avoid fines from water departments and keep your landscape looking its best no matter what the weather conditions. Below is a list of typical upgrades for existing systems:

  1. Drip irrigation
  2. Check valves
  3. Water efficient multi-stream nozzles
  4. Sprinklers with integrated high flow shut down
  5. ET based controllers
  6. Soil moisture sensors
  7. Pressure compensating sprinkler heads
  8. Pressure regulation of the water supply
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