Winterization is an important part of maintaining a properly running lawn sprinkler system. 

Irrigation and sprinkler systems must be drained before the first prolonged period of cold weather strikes or else the water in the system can freeze, cracking the pipes. Neglecting this task can result in costly repair bills or a ruined sprinkler system.

Due to the potential dangers involved with winterization, it is best to call a professional. All Rainy Days Service Contract packages include winterization services. Whether it is the Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum package, winterization is crucial to obtain the optimum performance of your irrigation system.

Irrigation System Shut Down:

  • Turn off the water valve running to the system.
  • Deactivate the system by setting the irrigation controller to the off position.
  • Remove water from any part of the system that may freeze.


  • By trimming back on the amount of watering, you will not only save water but keep your lawn from becoming weak and waterlogged. Using a weather-based, smart timer (controller) with your irrigation system, you can adjust your watering schedule. Fall’s cooler temperatures mean your landscape won’t need as much water as during the hot summer months.


  • Thinking about aerating your lawn this fall? Aeration of your lawn is a great way to improve solid water uptake, as well as reduce the amount of water/runoff. Be sure to mark your sprinkler heads and valve boxes before aerating so they are not damaged.

Call (919) 779-9285 or contact Rainy Days to get a head start on your irrigation winterization with one of our professional irrigation team members. Visit our website for more information on our irrigation services. Rainy Days Irrigation – There when you need us.

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