Take Control of Your Home’s Lighting

It’s cold! It’s dark! Winter is officially here in less than a month, but it feels like the deep throws of the dark and cold already. Thankfully, there are solutions! First, you have the option of moving somewhere that has more daylight. Or, to avoid uprooting your life, you could consider a simpler solution—landscape lighting.

Why come home to a dark driveway, dark lawn, and dark house? There’s nothing inviting or safe about unlocking your door in the pitch black.

There are several options when it comes to landscape lighting.

  1. You can go the simple route by adding solar lamps to frame your driveway and some column lights to illuminate parts of your lawn.
  2. Or, you can get a little more fancy with some uplighting to your home to accentuate the architectural details of the front exterior.
  3. You also have the ability to extend your living space by adding lighting your back exterior with down lights mounted on deck posts and step lights set in the riser of the steps to provide light on the deck.
  4. Path lighting also reduces the risk of tripping or falling.

With the cold weather on the rise, now is the perfect time to set up your exterior lighting to make the most use of your fire pit and outdoor space while staying safe. Take advantage of the perks of landscape lighting, such as automatic lights, energy efficiency, and remote applications that allow you to control your lighting system from your cell phone.

Call Rainy Days today for an evaluation of your home and suggestions on how best to utilize landscape lighting for the benefit of your home.

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Farmer's AlmanacHow the Forecast Affects NC

This winter is looking pretty, well…average. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this coming winter season is looking very similar to last winter. Texas and Southern Central States will be seeing a cooler winter, but nothing they aren’t used to. As for us, it’s looking pretty consistent, so we won’t be blindsided by any crazy snow…who wants any of that anyways…snowmen are lame… *sigh*

According to the Almanac’s editor, Peter Geiger,

“It’s like Winter Déjà vu, [...] last year our bitterly cold, shivery forecasts came true in many states including the 23 eastern states that experienced one of their top-ten coldest Februarys on record. This year many of these same states may want to get a jump start now and stock up on lots of winter survival gear: sweaters, long johns, and plenty of firewood.”

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2015–2016 is looking familiar, meaning don’t get too hyped up about the possibility of a white Christmas. If you’re out looking to live the snow life, head to New England, the North Central States, or Ohio, where you’ll find plenty of snow to satisfy your snowboarding, skiing, and sledding needs. Before you go, however, make sure you gear up your home by winterizing your irrigation systems and prepping your home and lawn for the coming winter (since it seems to last forever!). 

We’ve talked about winterizing plenty before, so here’s some resources to refresh yourself  on what has to be done, and what could be done to make your life easier come springtime:

From our partner, Rain Bird:

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Using Autumn to Prepare for Spring

We’re commonly tricked into thinking that autumn is the perfect time to stop paying attention to our yards. WHOA! Not true. This is the BEST time to prepare your lawn for next spring. Right now, your lawn is absorbing nutrients and water to prepare itself for winter. If you put work into it now, you’ll be much happier to welcome spring as you watch your lawn flourish with little help.

1. Continue giving your grass a haircut | If you thought your days of mowing have come to an end until spring, I have bad news for you. Mow as needed until the end of fall, which is when you should drop the mower’s blades to its lowest settings for the last 2 times you mow. Don’t trim off more than 1/3 of the grass blades at any time though! The trick is to gradually lower the blades until the final 2 cuttings. By mowing this way, you’re letting more sunlight reach the crown of the grass, which makes your lawn less brown during the winter.

2. Let that soil breathe | This is the time to aerate your lawn to get oxygen, water, and fertilizer down into the roots of the grass. If you’re willing to do it yourself, you can rent a self-propelled machine that will aerate your soil and extract plugs of dirt. If you have a large lawn, you might want to hire a landscaping contractor.

3. Pull out the rake | When you let leaves pile up on your lawn, they will become wet, matted, and create a layer that will suffocate your grass and breed diseases (we’ve talked about these diseases before). Don’t wait for all of your leaves to finish falling before you start raking. If you absolutely detest raking, you can collect leaves using a lawnmower with a collection bag. This is most effective with a large yard with deciduous trees.

4. Fertilize | Listen: If you only fertilize your lawn once a year, do it in the FALL. Apply a dry lawn fertilizer in mid-to-late fall. For a more comprehensive guide based on your type of grass and climate, here’s a good resource. The fall is a great time to fertilize because while grass leaves grow slowly, the roots and rhizomes grow quickly regardless. Fertilizing now will deliver essential nutrients for growing deep roots and reserve those nutrients for a healthy spring.

5. Rogaine those bare spots | Nothing sticks out worse than bald spots on a lawn. The best way to fix this is with an all-in-one lawn repair mixture that has grass seed, special lawn fertilizer, and organic mulch. Loosen the soil in the bald spots before spreading a thick layer of the mixture over it. Lightly compact, water thoroughly, and continue watering every other day for a fortnight (ahem, 2 weeks).

6. Weed control | If you’re completely over weeding all those pesky little dandelions and thorny monsters, now is the time to solve your problem. Like all other plants at this time, weeds are absorbing everything that comes their way, including poison. If you apply weed killer now, you won’t worry about weeds in the spring. When you purchase your herbicide, make sure to read the instructions. Most commonly, it’s suggested that you apply during early-to-mid autumn when it’s consistently above 60 degrees F.

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A little attention to your landscape in the fall can make it look great the rest of the year. A few winter-prep tips for your lawn and garden…to help get you go in the right direction. What are you doing to wind down and transition from summer to fall with your lawn, garden, and flower beds?



Giving Your Lawn System a Spring Face Lift

Just as important as winterizing your system, starting it back up in the Spring should be performed by a professional. Your irrigation system should always be flushed out when turning it on for the first time after Winter.

All sorts of small critters can make a home in your sprinklers and pipes. They find their way in and typically get trapped. To flush everything out, open the ends of the drip tubes and run the water. Be sure to run the water for a long enough period to actually flush out the system, it can take longer than you would think. Make sure that the standing water does NOT drain back into the pipes, this can cause dirt to go in with it, clogging your system. For sprinklers, you must remove the nozzles from the heads of your pipes and run the water. This flushes your sprinklers out, making them ready for the Spring.

After flushing your irrigation system, check it out by running it and look for clogs in the emitters or nozzles. Check for leaking valves as well. If anything is out of the ordinary, give Rainy Days Irrigation a call so we can have a professional take a look at your irrigation system.

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Winterizing Irrigation Systems

Protecting your automatic watering system from the harsh winter weather is in your best interest to ensure the longevity of your irrigation system and to keep your yard healthy. A sprinkler system should be “winterized” each year, ideally before the first winter freeze. Below are the steps to take when preparing your irrigation system for the harsh cold weather.

Winterizing an Irrigation System:

• Shut off the water supplied to your sprinklers at the main valve.

• Turn off the timing/control mechanism

• Remove water from the watering system

Many do-it-yourselfers out there can accomplish this by themselves at home no problem. However, it is always a great idea to have trained professionals come out to take a look first if you are even the slightest little bit unsure.

Be on the lookout for a blog coming up before spring time to show you how to start your irrigation system back up properly.

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How to Choose Your Irrigation Company (no bias of course)

It’s hard to know where to turn for some specialty services, so we have put together some things you should consider if you are thinking about hiring an irrigation company. It is very important to hire the right people for the job so that you can have peace of mind knowing things will be installed correctly.

Installing an irrigation system is no small feet, it is a service that needs to be done right the first time by certified professionals. At Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. our trained professionals are ready, willing, and able to service or install your irrigation system with all the professionalism you would expect from a company with over 26 years of experience. Below you will find some common questions you should ask yourself before hiring an irrigation company.

• Are they licensed?
• How long have they been in business?
• What brand(s) do they install/service?
• What sort of warranties/guarantees do they offer with their work?
• Do they provide detailed estimates?
• Will they take care of all necessary permits for you?

Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. has the right answer for all of these questions and will be happy to meet with you to discuss irrigation installations large and small. We have been a licensed, owner-operated business since 1985, and we services ALL major brands even if we did not install your system originally. We provide detailed estimates, take care of all permits necessary, and provide an assortment of warranties and guarantees depending on the products and services. We also provide a worry-free maintenance agreement.

Our certified professional technicians have years of experience and are ready to help you with your irrigation needs today!

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