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The Unsung Hero of Rain-Drenched Lawns

Catch basins are commonly used to manage drainage problems in a landscape area, or even in a parking lot or street. You’ve seen them, now you can learn about what they do.

catch basin, or storm drain, is a drain with the sole function of collecting rainwater from a landscape or street and transporting it to local waterways through a system of underground piping, culverts and drainage ditches. For residential purposes, they are designed to drain excess rain and ground water from lawns and gutters. The basin catches sediment and prevents solids from clogging the drainage pipe or storm sewer. They must be cleaned periodically to maintain their ability to trap sediment and prevent flooding. The periodic cleaning also helps prevent and eliminate bad odors and remove solid matter.

How is it different from other drainage solutions?

Catch basins have drain sections with a wide sloping inlet which collects runoff. If they are working correctly, as large amounts of water are being dumped into the system, there is little overflow. The inlet opens to a pipe that is covered with a grating. The grating traps large debris, keeping it from entering the piping. As water floods the catch basin, small particles that slip through the grate settle to the bottom. Drainage pipes are located above the bottom of this vertical pipe and this is what makes sure the water is without dirt or debris.

The basins must be cleaned periodically to maintain their ability to trap sediment and prevent flooding. The periodic cleaning also helps prevent and eliminate bad odors and remove solid matter.

Is this the solution for your landscape drainage problems? Rainy Days is available to send one of our trained technicians to assess your lawn issue and help fix it!

Learn more about drainage solutions from Rainy Days and contact us today.

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Regions of North Carolina may not be in drought in the moment; however, it doesn’t hurt to practice efficient water conservation – especially in your summer garden.



Quality customer service and the expedited processing of all contracting claims is #1 to Rainy Days.

Because your home is vital, we handle all scheduling calls quickly and efficiently. When you schedule your Rainy Days appointment, you will (more…)

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Spotting Broken Sprinkler Heads

One of the simplest irrigation problems to spot is a broken or failed sprinkler head. In some cases you can visually see the head not working, it may be cracked or snapped off, producing frayed water coverage, or perhaps no coverage at all.

If you have been tolerating a problematic sprinkler head, now is the time to consider a repair. Failing to do so can result in severe home-owner issues:

Increase in Water Bill

Have you noticed an increase in your water bill? A broken sprinkler head can lead to excessive distribution of water into the lawn. With the unnecessary increase in water usage your bill will show an increase as well. Of course, it is easy to spot an above ground leak. However – the easiest way to tell if you have a non-visible leak will be to turn all water off in the house, make sure no water is running at all. Now check your water meter, if the register is running, your hard-earned money is going down the sewer!

Lawn Flooding

The common misconception is that capping a broken head can solve the issue. Just because the head isn’t shooting into the air like a geyser doesn’t mean it isn’t doing any damage. Water can still leak through the damaged area and flood the lawn. This can cause thousands in damage to a lawn.

Browning of Lawn

On the other side of the coin, a broken head can also send out too little, to no water at all. During the summer months, if your lawn does not receive adequate hydration it can quickly brown and die.

General Care

If your sprinkler head looks to be in good condition but still doesn’t work, it may be clogged with dirt and other lawn debris. Usually, the head comes apart when you twist it counterclockwise and then you can remove it from the canister. Use a slotted screwdriver to remove the head’s filter basket from the unit and rinse it with water. Clean the rest of the head as well in case there’s any other debris inside. When the head is clean, return it to the system and it should work properly again.

Hire the Pros

As soon as you notice a problem with your irrigation system, you should contact Rainy Days Irrigation. We service and repair all brands of irrigation devices as well as have over 25 years doing so! Please contact us with your service needs and check out our website for more information: 

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With storm season rolling into NC, one of the most neglected household appliances is your lawn’s irrigation system.

When lightning strikes at or near your house there are many potential hazards that can render your irrigation system useless. Lightning and the amazing damage that it can bring can blow irrigation timers and controllers off the side of a house, as well as fry circuit boards, and melt wires completely through.

Lightning doesn’t have to strike your house directly to cause these issues (more…)

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Glossary of Irrigation Terms

Automatic Sprinkler Systems

In case you are wondering “What’s that do?” or notice that something isn’t working right with your current irrigation system, here are some key phrases and terms used to describe the parts and functional elements of an irrigation system.


A detailed review of an irrigation system, including tests to determine overall system efficiency, identify problems areas that need correction, and determine an ideal watering schedule.


A mechanical device which prevents backflow (The unwanted reverse flow of liquids in a piping system.). In irrigation, it is used to protect the potable water supply from potentially contaminated irrigation water. There are several types of backflow preventers. The choice of backflow preventer used depends on the degree of hazard and the particular piping arrangement involved. Virtually all regulatory agencies in the United States require backflow prevention devices to protect the domestic water supply from contamination by the backflow of irrigation water. In areas where it is not required, it is highly recommended. Consult Rainy Days for laws applicable in the state of North Carolina.


A valve which allows water to flow in one direction only. Check valves are used to prevent low head drainage.


This is the brain of the sprinkler system. The controller automatically opens and closes valves according to a preset schedule. Most controllers have easy-to-set programs to help you efficiently manage seasonal adjustments. They also have sensors that signal the controller to shut off the system when it rains. An automatic controller is usually more water-efficient that operating sprinklers manually.


Rubberized seal which keeps water from flowing through the valve.


A valve used to empty water from a lateral or main line, usually for winterization purposes.


A low volume watering method that delivers water slowly and directly to the plant roots for maximum efficiency.


A valve which modulates in order to maintain a pre-determined flow rate without drastically altering the pressure.


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Happy Mothers Day from everyone here at Rainy Days!

Did You Know?!

Mothering Sunday has been celebrated in the England since the early 16th century? Motherhood celebrations can be traced back to ancient Greek festivities in honor of Rhea “the mother of gods”?

Symbol of Love

Carnations are the traditional Mother’s Day flower. Originally, children wore colored carnations in honor of living mothers and white ones for those that were deceased. It only took a few years for children to stop wearing the flowers and start giving them to their mothers as gifts.

Be sure to show your mother how much she means to you this holiday, even the smallest sentiment will light up her heart!

Mother’s Day Garden Party!

Treat Mom to an alfresco dining experience in your very own yard! Celebrate with lunch in the garden or backyard. Bright table linens and whimsical bird-themed decorations make the most of warm weather and create a tablescape that will have Mom’s heart warmed! Get your lawn greener with the proper irrigation system!  Contact Rainy Days!



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 Having a beautiful and lush lawn doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time cultivating the differences between St. Augustine or Perennial Ryegrass. With a professionally installed irrigation system, your lawn will quickly rise as the envy of the neighborhood.

If it rained an exact amount three times a week the world would’t need irrigation systems. We can’t control the weather but we can ensure healthy growth with even watering. In a dry season it only takes a few days for your yard to suffer damage. An Irrigation system is the most efficient way to maintain a landscape which you will be able to enjoy with family and friends. When properly installed and maintained an irrigation system can eliminate under & over-watering and will help conserve your water usage as well.

Automatic Irrigation Systems Help:

  1. Effectively Utilize Your Resources - No more wasted water!
  2. Uniform Appearance of LawnNo Sparse Spots!
  3. Save MoneyNo Wasted Water, Lower Utility Bill!
  4. More Free Time!

Watering tip:

The best time to program your irrigation system to water is around 5am. With less heat than in the evenings, there will be less evaporation. This will allow your landscape to take advantage of the most moisture, as well as use the morning dew to its advantage.

Count on Rainy Days:

Put away those dry-rotten hoses and let Rainy Days take care of all your landscape irrigation needs! You’ll have a greener lawn, healthier plants, more money in your pocket, and much more free time to enjoy the things you like to do.

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Spring Watering Tips

April Showers have passed us by and the heat of summer is on its way! If faced with summer water restrictions we can be forced to re-evaluate our watering practices. Take care not to let your Gloriosa Daises or Dahlias go hungry this season. We find that even the most experienced green thumb can make the simplest mistakes.

For first-time plantings, deep, and frequent watering is recommended. An inch of water per week (rain & irrigation) should be sufficient. Applying that inch of water in one deep watering will encourage deeper rooting, which leads to stronger, healthier plants. Watering in this manner also matches most municipal water restrictions. Shallow, frequent, and heavy handed watering on the other hand, will lead to shallow root systems!


All sprinkler systems require periodic service to keep the system in optimal running condition. With Rainy Days’ convenient Service Agreement, your maintenance worries will be over.

We offer several affordable plans customized to your needs. Whether you need monthly visits or just spring start ups and winterization, we can help you.Customers with maintenance contracts receive discounts on labor as well as priority scheduling.

The North Carolina Irrigation Contractors Licensing Board has issued a list of minimum standards designed to promote water use efficiency. Regular monthly inspections are called for to achieve the goal of the licensing law.

If you have any questions please feel free to give Rainy Days Irrigation a call  (919) 779 – 9285, and be sure to learn more about our Irrigation Systems for a healthy lawn!


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Rainy Days Jonathan Bielert Fundraiser

Jonathan Bielert Fundraiser

Jonathan received his official diagnosis of Vascular Ehlers Dandros Syndrome (EDS), a rare genetic disease. He has many doctors at Duke but his Geneticist works closely with the Geneticist (Expert) at Johns Hopkins, so he is kept up to date with the latest research; however, there is no cure or treatment at this time.

Jonathan is currently getting disability through Rainy Days and is expecting to hear something from Social Security Disability soon. Jonathan was also able to obtain affordable health insurance through the Marketplace, even though the deductibles are very high and their out of pocket expenses will be a challenge. His wife, Danielle, recently began working with Lowes Home Improvement in the Garden Department. She has also accepted a part-time Customer Service Representative position which pays much better and she will be starting in a week.

Jonathan and Danielle, have met and devised a plan for the EMS Station that details specifics on how to handle an emergency should Jonathan need to be transported to a hospital. There are certain standard procedures that cannot be done on Jonathan and failure to comply with these directions could cost Jonathan his life in the event of an emergency.

The three children have been tested for EDS and they are expecting the results of the tests within the next few weeks. Jonathan spends his time with his family. He has gained back to his original 160 pounds. Some days he does really well and some days are extremely difficult with pain and other symptoms related to this disease.  On the good days, he enjoys working on projects around the house. He built his daughter a night stand and recently completed a chicken coup. On March 1st, they added to their family by bringing home chickens and are ready for fresh eggs. Jonathan and his daughter are also enjoying 4-H together. His garden is plowed and ready for planting. He recently posted a picture of his garden with a message, “Alright spring. I’m ready whenever you are, so hurry up.”

Through the donations that you have given, Jonathan and his family have done well from a monthly budget standpoint. They were even able to pay off most of last year’s debt.

Right now, their biggest financial burden lies with the deductibles and expenses related to their health care for 2014. In time, a treatment will be found. Right now, Jonathan has to be attentive to his body and know when to stop and when to seek medical assistance until a treatment and/or cure can be found.

Danielle wanted to tell everyone how much the donations have helped them. “Through our worst days we never went hungry, cold or unclothed. I am forever grateful for the kindness people showed to our little family. Hopefully we can keep our dreams alive and learn how to live this life without a multitude of tears every day! Reality is hard to accept. Yesterday our oldest son held Jon’s hand a little too tight and caused a vein to bleed, turn his hand purple and swollen which caused him to be in pain for hours, just a child holding his finger. Thank you again for all you have done. We are blessed!”  Danielle

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