Your Lawn Isn’t Static–Why Should Your Lawn Maintenance Be?

Irrigation systems might seem like a ‘set it and forget it’ lawn accessory, but have you ever noticed how your yard shifts and changes through the seasons? After heavy rains, dry summers, icy winters, and even hosting events with street parking, there are all kinds of reasons your landscape will change over time. Plants grow, bed lines change and intentional changes to your property create changes to your irrigation system layout. We’ll update your system to operate like when it was new.

Irrigation products are improving on a regular basis. Rainy Days can upgrade your system to save water, reduce damp areas and hot spots, avoid fines from water departments and keep your landscape looking its best no matter what the weather conditions. Below is a list of typical upgrades for existing systems:

  1. Drip irrigation
  2. Check valves
  3. Water efficient multi-stream nozzles
  4. Sprinklers with integrated high flow shut down
  5. ET based controllers
  6. Soil moisture sensors
  7. Pressure compensating sprinkler heads
  8. Pressure regulation of the water supply

This especially applies to our commercial customers. Sport’s fields, worn walk-ways, disturbed landscaping–these are all elements of a neglected irrigation system that we can revive. Considering the onset of spring and sweltering summer months on the horizon, now is the ideal time to check up and maintain your irrigation systems for peak performance.

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Farmer's AlmanacHow the Forecast Affects NC

This winter is looking pretty, well…average. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, this coming winter season is looking very similar to last winter. Texas and Southern Central States will be seeing a cooler winter, but nothing they aren’t used to. As for us, it’s looking pretty consistent, so we won’t be blindsided by any crazy snow…who wants any of that anyways…snowmen are lame… *sigh*

According to the Almanac’s editor, Peter Geiger,

“It’s like Winter Déjà vu, [...] last year our bitterly cold, shivery forecasts came true in many states including the 23 eastern states that experienced one of their top-ten coldest Februarys on record. This year many of these same states may want to get a jump start now and stock up on lots of winter survival gear: sweaters, long johns, and plenty of firewood.”

According to the Farmers’ Almanac, the winter of 2015–2016 is looking familiar, meaning don’t get too hyped up about the possibility of a white Christmas. If you’re out looking to live the snow life, head to New England, the North Central States, or Ohio, where you’ll find plenty of snow to satisfy your snowboarding, skiing, and sledding needs. Before you go, however, make sure you gear up your home by winterizing your irrigation systems and prepping your home and lawn for the coming winter (since it seems to last forever!). 

We’ve talked about winterizing plenty before, so here’s some resources to refresh yourself  on what has to be done, and what could be done to make your life easier come springtime:

From our partner, Rain Bird:

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The Garner NC area has seen an extremely wet Winter this season. Our soil is already soggy and moist going into Spring, which is typically a wet season for our area as well. You may be noticing your yard is staying wet in areas, bubbling or squishing when walking on grass, and your plants may not be growing or blooming like they usually do. These can be signs of significant drainage problems with your landscape.



There are more lighting choices available than ever before. Even with all the new choices, it’s still simple to recognize LED lights as having the best advantage. Because of their small size, LEDs are now being incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications and provide unique design opportunities especially for landscape lighting fixtures.



Proper drainage in the landscape is just as important as proper irrigation. Excess water in the landscape can lead to some common issues. Improper drainage behind retaining walls can weaken the integrity of the wall and lead to catastrophic failure. Many drainage issues have simple solutions.

Signs of Common Landscape Drainage Problems:

Excessive water not only affects your landscapes but it can also cause issues in and around your home or business, such as:

  • Mildew/Mold in Crawlspaces and Basements
  • Settling Foundations
  • Loss of Plant Material
  • Insect Problems
  • Mechanical Damage from Mowing Equipment/Footprints
  • Soil Compaction
  • Standing Water or Puddles
  • Yellow Grass or Plants that Wilt or Appear Unhealthy

Simple Solutions to Your Drainage Problems:

  • French Drains - A French drain is a trench filled with gravel or rock that redirects surface water and groundwater away from an area.
  • Catch Basins - Catch basins are designed to drain excess rain and ground water from lawns and gutters.
  • Gutter Down Spout Piping - Water collected by a rain gutter is fed usually with a downspout or downpipe from the roof to the base of the structure where it is directed away from the home or building.
  • Sump Pump Installation - Sump pumps remove water that has accumulated in a basin, commonly found in the basement of homes. However, wherever there is puddling water, a sump pump can redirect water away from problem areas.

After your consultation, Rainy Days Irrigation can design and install a complete drainage system to handle all of the water in your landscape.

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Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. | 115 Sigma Dr. | Garner, NC | (919) 779-9285
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Rainy Days SBA 2014 Support Your Local Businesses


Support Local Businesses

This week is National Small Business Week! We at Rainy Days Irrigation urge you to make your way out into the beautiful weather and support local businesses by shopping with them!

Every year since early 1963, the President has recognized the critical contributions that American entrepreneurs have made to the bolstering U.S. economy. Nearly two out of three jobs in our nation are created through the vision of the entrepreneurs. The 2014 Small Business Week celebration honors the small business community’s many contributions to the American economy and society!

Come check out all that Downtown Raleigh has to offer with our many locally grown businesses, and be sure to contact Rainy Days Irrigation, serving Garner, NC and surrounding areas!


Rainy Days 29 year history of serving Wake County NC and surrounding areas, illustrates professionalism and staying power. Same name, same owners, same market means we don’t have to hide our business past.

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Efficiently installing the fixtures and using the proper lighting techniques will result in the following benefits:

    A proven deterrent to crime. Outdoor lighting increases safety and protection for your family and friends.
    Beautifully enhances any outdoor landscaping and architecture, increasing your property value.
    Extends your living space to the outdoors. Illuminating pools, children’s play areas, outdoor cooking areas, patios, and walkways your exterior lighting system will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space long after sunset in an elegant entertaining atmosphere.
    LED Lighting Systems use 80% less energy and last 40 times longer than halogen. Because LED light bulbs use less energy than existing lighting systems, transformer and wire can support doubling the number of lighting fixtures after upgrading to LEDs.

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