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Yes it’s still summer, but autumn is quickly approaching and those dark winter nights will be here shortly. Now is the time to start considering incorporating landscape lighting to your exterior to illuminate your home when the nights get longer and the daylight passes quickly. Here are 5 important reasons to have landscape lighting installed around your house:

 5. Decor | Your home is your sanctuary from work and you spend a lot of time making it look presentable. Why not showcase your landscaping and highlight the architecture of your home to highlight attractive areas? Decor is a great asset of landscape lighting, allowing you to experiment with illuminating your home in the most attractive way possible. Mood lighting will romanticize your exterior and welcome you home, while low-voltage exterior lights will showcase your plants and gardening for you to enjoy 24 hours a day. Don’t let darkness hide your house, allow your taste to shine through with tasteful landscape lighting.

4. Curb Appeal | We’ve all heard ‘curb appeal’ and houses used in conjunction and landscape lighting can be a huge benefit in increasing that appeal. A well-lit house displays a warm and inviting home that welcomes family, friends, and visitors. It shows that the lawn and house are cared for and well-maintained by the owner, which increases property value in the long run. It also helps visitors find your house in the darkness and makes them feel invited. The value of curb appeal also lies in the possibility of your home being listed for sale in the future. The exterior is the first impression, and it takes 8 following instances to change that impression. Make it stellar by setting it apart from the surrounding houses.


 3. Comfort | By expanding light outside of the confines of your home, you can extend your living space into the outdoors. Maybe you invest in a screened-in porch or a fire pit, any way you use exterior lighting can benefit your family, friends, and guests when hosting parties, dinners, or simply relaxing outside on a warm summer night. Use uplights and install lights on outdoor structures to illuminate your home farther.

2. Safety | The safety of your family, guests, and pets can depend on the lighting available outdoors. Use walkway lamps to light paths, and illuminate your pool, patio, deck area, and any steps that could be tripped over. This will ensure the safety of any activities you may host, and may prevent accidents.

1. Security | Exterior lighting offers many security factors including motion activated lights and remote control from your smart phone. Burglaries and break-ins are significantly reduced when the front door and windows shed light on anyone attempting to cause harm to your property. Talk to your neighbors about keeping an eye on your house when you are out of town, and leave your home illuminated especially when you are away for long periods. Motion activated lights are highly effective as well in keeping criminals away from your home.

LED Lighting Choices

There are more lighting choices available than ever before. Even with all the new choices, it’s still simple to recognize LED lights as having the best advantage. Because of their small size, LEDs are now being incorporated into bulbs and fixtures for general lighting applications and provide unique design opportunities especially for landscape lighting fixtures.

It’s Easy to Get Started! Want to upgrade to LED lighting? Need a landscape lighting design from scratch? Discover the difference LED lighting can make. Let Rainy Days Irrigation provide a consultation to find the right solution for your home. Rainy Days will create a custom design and perform proper installation of your new LED system so you can enjoy all the benefits for years to come.

We at Rainy Days Irrigation keep your best interests in mind first and foremost. Now is the perfect time to consider installing exterior lighting on your home. With summer ending and winter creeping around the corner, you can beat the early sunset by installing soon. Call today for an estimate or request landscape lighting service now! (919) 779-9285

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Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Professional Landscape Lighting!

Affordable High-End Exterior Lighting Results in the Following Benefits:

  • Just in time for the Holidays – Make a lasting impression for your family and friends or customers!
  • Emphasize the unique structure, landscaping and beauty of your home or building!
  • Welcome guests with lit pathways and porches for extra safety and security!

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Rainy Days Irrigation, Inc. | 115 Sigma Dr. | Garner, NC | (919) 779-9285
Irrigation | Drainage | Backflow | Landscape Lighting