Published on May 7, 2014, in Information & Tips.

 Having a beautiful and lush lawn doesn’t mean you have to spend all your free time cultivating the differences between St. Augustine or Perennial Ryegrass. With a professionally installed irrigation system, your lawn will quickly rise as the envy of the neighborhood.

If it rained an exact amount three times a week the world would’t need irrigation systems. We can’t control the weather but we can ensure healthy growth with even watering. In a dry season it only takes a few days for your yard to suffer damage. An Irrigation system is the most efficient way to maintain a landscape which you will be able to enjoy with family and friends. When properly installed and maintained an irrigation system can eliminate under & over-watering and will help conserve your water usage as well.

Automatic Irrigation Systems Help:

  1. Effectively Utilize Your Resources - No more wasted water!
  2. Uniform Appearance of LawnNo Sparse Spots!
  3. Save MoneyNo Wasted Water, Lower Utility Bill!
  4. More Free Time!

Watering tip:

The best time to program your irrigation system to water is around 5am. With less heat than in the evenings, there will be less evaporation. This will allow your landscape to take advantage of the most moisture, as well as use the morning dew to its advantage.

Count on Rainy Days:

Put away those dry-rotten hoses and let Rainy Days take care of all your landscape irrigation needs! You’ll have a greener lawn, healthier plants, more money in your pocket, and much more free time to enjoy the things you like to do.

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How to Save Water

Looking for ways to take advantage of the beautiful Earth Day weather? You may think that one person cannot make a difference, but the betterment of even one city block can lead to others taking notice and work towards the enrichment of the environment. Activities such as gardening, recycling, or organizing a block/neighborhood cleanup can benefit the environment. Not feeling up to breaking a sweat? Take a bike ride, riding your bike can reduce your total household emissions by 6%.

Lawn and landscape maintenance often requires large amounts of water, particularly in areas with low rainfall or during the hotter months of the year. Nationally, lawn care accounts for about 32 percent of the total residential outdoor use. Other outdoor uses include washing automobiles, maintaining swimming pools, and cleaning sidewalks and driveways.

Water conservation doesn’t have to be a drudging process, simple things like checking your pipes and faucets for leaks, utilize your water meter for hidden leaks, use plastic bottle or float boosters in your toilet tank can go a long way in the conservation process. Turning off the water after you wet your toothbrush is also helpful, saving needlessly wasted water. When washing dishes don’t leave the water running while rinsing and placing them on the dry rack.

There are many solutions for outside the home as well. While washing your car be sure not to run the hose continuously, fill up a wash bucket to cut down on wasted water. Take a beautiful NC weekend and build a couple rain catchers outside your home. Rain barrels can be made from anything from trash cans to black pickle barrels, approximately 55 gallons, with lids that screw or snap on, and have a screen on them to prevent mosquito breeding. Be sure to bookmark our blog to see our next feature DIY on how to build your own rain barrels!

It is important to keep in mind that small changes in our habits do make a difference! Rainy Days can help you take that integral step in cutting your water consumption today, GIVE US A CALL!

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Below we have compiled a list of ways that you can be more water conscious.

Remember to encourage all those around you to think about they use the resource and how we can conserve more of it.

• Use reclaimed waste water for irrigation

• Turn it off when you aren’t using it while brushing your teeth

• Showers instead of baths, and take shorter showers

• Use commercial car washes that recycle their water

• Report/fix any  broken pipes, open hydrants, faulty sprinklers

• Encourage a resource-conscious environment at your workplace

• Use a rain barrel to catch water for your garden and/or plants

• Winterize your outdoor spigots to prevent freezing/busting that leads to leaks

• Promote water conservation in your community by contacting local officials


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