Regions of North Carolina may not be in drought in the moment; however, it doesn’t hurt to practice efficient water conservation – especially in your summer garden.

Water conservation is a constantly evolving issue, especially with the limitations imposed by various municipal organizations. One way we can conserve water is through the use of drip irrigation in the home garden. Drip irrigation is a system of watering that has many advantages and is used around the world to conserve precious water resources. It is the vary irrigation system that has allowed Israel bloom,even in its desert regions.

A drip irrigation system delivers water directly to the root zone of a plant, where it seeps slowly into the soil. Almost no water is lost through surface runoff or evaporation, and soil particles have plenty of opportunity to absorb and hold water for plants. Since drip irrigation delivers water directly to the plants you want to grow, less is wasted on weeds. The soil surface between the plants also remains drier, which discourages weed seeds from sprouting.

There are several advantages to using drip irrigation:

  • Drip irrigation may require less than half of the water needed for overhead sprinkler irrigation.
  • Direct-to-plant watering leads to less wasted water.
  • Activities such as planting, pruning and harvesting can continue in the garden while you water.
  • Soil erosion, run-off, and nutrient leaching can be reduced.
  • Water conservation
  • Avoids over-watering plants and flowers.
With a low start-up cost for planning and installation, a gardener who invests in a drip irrigation system will have the assurance that his or her garden is receiving to most efficient watering, saving money, and helping the environment along the way.
Always remember to check with your community in North Carolina before installing a drip irrigation system, as each township has different rules and regulations for watering.
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