Quality customer service and the expedited processing of all contracting claims is #1 to Rainy Days.

Because your home is vital, we handle all scheduling calls quickly and efficiently. When you schedule your Rainy Days appointment, you will receive a date and the name of the technician that will be assisting you, over the phone when you call. Throughout the entire processing system, all of your information will be confidential and completely backed-up on the Rainy Days Data System.


Rainy Days Quality Beyond Expectation: The Rainy Days Difference


After your initial call, a customer history profile is created that allows service techs to reference previous job details. Each RD service tech has a tablet on-site to review the work order, time-in and time-out on the service, and record which materials are being used. This system provides optimal job assets so that we at Rainy Days can provide peak job performance on site.

With our RD system we can quickly schedule and route jobs which will dispatch our technicians sooner. Plus, the accurate collection of in-field data digitally leads to precise project history and a paperless solution which makes Rainy Days more environmentally friendly!


Rainy Days Quality Beyond Expectation: The Rainy Days Difference


This makes working with Rainy Days a rewarding experience.

Quality Beyond Expectation – since 1985. It also allows us to work more efficiently for you and provide a system that can extend the life of your Rainy Days project.

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