Published on June 19, 2015, in Information & Tips.


Besides causing irritation and a drowning lawn, did you know about the diseases that poor drainage can cause to your lawn? 

Pythium blight is one of the most destructive lawn diseases, thriving in high humidity and hot weather. Often called ‘greasy spot’ or ‘cottony blight,’ it attacks turf of all kinds, from newly seeded to mature. It is known for how quickly it progresses, killing an entire lawn in less than 24 hours. This disease doesn’t only kill part of the plant, it destroys from root to tip, killing it all. Although it occasionally infects residential lawns, it is mostly a problem on sports turf such as athletic fields and golf courses because they are frequently irrigated during nighttime, when water is least likely to evaporate and most likely to pool.

Newly seeded lawns are highly susceptible, since pythium is not prone toward any certain type of grass species. “Damping off” refers to when the fungus attacks seedlings and begins rotting the grass crown and roots. The most susceptible are spring-seeded cool season grasses. Since seedlings need frequent, shallow irrigation for developing roots, too much water is usually applied, which in turn doesn’t allow the seedlings to dry. This leaves them very vulnerable to the disease.

To identify this blight, look for small, sunken spots that have appeared overnight. These spots will range from a few inches to a foot in diameter, and the grass will seem water-soaked and slimy. Soon after, it will turn brown and mat down, and  a cottony web of mycelium will cover the leaves in the early morning dew hours.

Since this is a lawn disease associated with water movement and poorly drained soils, the best way to avoid it is to correct drainage problems, relieve soil compaction,  redirect water flow, and fill in low spots. This disease can also influence other lawn diseases as well.

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