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Jonathan Bielert Update

We cannot thank our Rainy Days family, friends and our customers enough for their continued support, prayers, and donations. There is no cure for Jonathan’s condition nor end to his family’s struggle.

We will continue to provide updates on Jonathan and his family here on our blog and in our newsletters.  Since our last communication, Jonathan has had one scare and took the ambulance to Duke but found that there was no internal bleeding, but it was pain associated with his condition. Jonathan’s wife, Danielle, recently shared that things were going better, that Jon had kept positive, was able to eat almost normal again but still has terrible stomach pain. He is getting around better but only for short periods of time. He is also having terrible pain in the back of his head that is constant, which comes from the inoperable aneurysms. Most recently, Jonathan has been experiencing memory loss as well. Some days are okay for Jonathan but two or three days a week he is so miserable in pain and he can barely move. On a good note, a company has adopted Jonathan and Danielle’s family for the Christmas Holidays. The kids will be provided for during the Christmas Season.

Danielle has found what should have been a part-time job, which was supposed to be enough to pay the light bill and other little bills while the fundraiser took care of other expenses such as rent and food; however, she is being scheduled to work 40 or more hours a week. This is impacting the time she has available to care for the needs of Jonathan and the children. With her still in the middle of massive amounts of paperwork, she is having trouble getting everything done. She has requested that her hours be decreased at work and this week, she has seen a small reduction.

The family is happy to enjoy these days together. Danielle is trying to get an appointment for Jonathan with John Hopkins. Should she be able to secure an appointment, the transportation, lodging and expenses with travel will have to be funded through the fundraiser. She anticipates this would only be a two day excursion.

On a personal note, we have been inspired to offer a way for everyone to help Jonathan and his family and have confidence that God will provide for their needs. They are unique and we often refer to them as “Little House on the Prairie”. Jonathan has always been a hunter and sees this as the way to provide meat for his family. He prepares and freezes meat that he kills and provides for the family for most of the year. They also grow their own vegetables and stock pile by freezing and canning. They are a family that doesn’t believe in waste. For this reason, I know that every dollar donated is used wisely and saved for what lies around the corner.

Our customers have been incredibly generous. One customer offered to donate their frequent flyer miles to Jonathan and his wife should they be able to secure an appointment with John Hopkins. Another customer offered to call someone they know in Baltimore that might be able to offer housing for them. An older, dependable minivan was recently donated to the family.

There are several ways we can help this family.

  1. Pray, pray, pray
  2. If you are interested in making a monetary donation, you can do so using the button below.
    Donate Button with Credit Cards
  3. You can also make a monetary donation using checks payable to Jonathan Bielert and mail them directly to Rainy Days Irrigation, 115 Sigma Dr., Garner, N.C.  Every dime donated is given directly to the Bielert family.
  4. If you hunt or know someone who hunts and would like to donate meat, call me at 919-779-9285. They do have the facility and equipment to process the meat. They live in Bunn, N.C.
  5. If you would like to make any other donations, feel free to contact me.

Lastly, Danielle has established a Facebook Page titled, “Jonathan’s Journey”. There are several Facebook Sites titled the same. If you select “about”, you will see the Rainy Days Irrigation website listed.

Thank you,
Rainy Days Irrigation

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