With the large amount of unexpected winter weather we have been experiencing in our region, it is possible for some homeowners to end up with frozen irrigation pipes, especially if a proper winterization service was not performed on your system.

How do I identify potential leak points and minimize damage?

You can hire an irrigation company like Rainy Days Irrigation who services irrigation systems to turn on the main and check for leaks.

However, if you want to attempt to troubleshoot, here’s some quick pointers that you can try yourself.

  1. Close the outside taps and turn on the water main, wait a while, and then look for mushy places in the yard. But you might be able to rule out a leak just by watching your water meter.
  2. Turn off all spigots inside and out and verify that no water is flowing through the meter. Some meters have a small rotating wheel that shows when even a small amount of water is flowing. Others have just a series of numbers, so you might need to wait an hour from one reading to the next to be sure there is no flow. (If there is a flow, you may have a leaking toilet, a burst pipe underneath your house or some other repair to attend to.)
  3. Next, turn on the main for the outdoor system and check the meter again. If there is no flow, the pipes are fine, though you still may find damaged sprinkler heads when you go to use the system.
  4. If there is a flow, leave the system running until soggy ground points you to the problem area.

In the worst case, what has to be done to fix broken pipes?

Once we identify where a pipe burst, a Rainy Days technician will dig up that area and patch the pipe or replace the broken section.

Next fall season, be sure to make a winterizing service call, which involves shutting off the water main and removing any trapped water. This will save you extra costs and the hassle of dealing with frozen pipes in the future. Benefits of winterizing: Besides protecting the pipes, it also protects valves, sprinkler heads and other parts of your system from frost damage.

Don’t wait. Act now!

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