With all of the winter precipitation in the NC region lately, you may notice your yard is more slushy than usual. Hopefully,  that is just temporary and you haven’t noticed any other problems. But, in case you have, we’ve compiled a list of some common signs that your landscape drainage may need improvements. Finding drainage problems early can be easier to fix and can save you thousands of dollars down the line.

Sign #1: Basement Water and/or Efflorescence

Check your basement or crawlspace. Make sure you don’t have any seepage. After months or years of free-standing water in your lawn, the concrete foundation can become porous and allow water to penetrate into your home. If left undetected, the results can be detrimental: mold. To avoid having this or any other issue, it’s important to check your basement or below-ground-level areas for dampness and mineral deposits periodically, especially after large amounts of rain or snow. Be sure to check mortar joints, water pipes conduits, floor cracks, sump pumps, floor drains, windows, and wall and floor joints.

Solution: Sump Pump


Sign #2: Standing Water

If your house sits at the bottom of a slope, be especially aware of this one.  Puddling water that remains after precipitation and doesn’t move is a concern to address quickly. Not only will you find that it can cause plant damage, insect problems and soil compaction, it also causes a muddy mess.

Solution: Catch Basin. French Drain.


 Sign #3: Overflowing Gutters

If you have experienced a mini Niagara Falls pouring out of your gutters, then it is a sign that they need cleaning out. Even if you haven’t been around to witness the gushing, you may notice vertical streaks of dirt on the outside of the gutters, mud spattered on the siding or even paint peeling off the house in vertical strips.

Solution: Clean out the gutters and make sure they are properly pitched and the right size for your roof.


Sign #4: Dumping Downspouts

For every inch of rain that falls on 1,000 sq feet of roof produces more than 600 gallons of runoff. That’s enough to fill 10 bathtubs! Dumping this much water too close to your foundation can send it right to the basement or crawlspace and even cause the foundation walls to crack.

Solution: Gutter Downspout Piping, Catch Basin


 Sign #5: Mildew in the Attic (Really?)

Yep. The attic might be a strange place to look for drainage problems, but mildew on the underside of the roof can be a clue that there is serious trouble at ground level. How? Moisture from the basement or crawlspace can rise through the home and condense on the underside of the roof. Bathroom fans can also force hot air directly into the attic where it condenses on the cold back side of the roof and cause mildew.

Solution: Clean and inspect gutter pitch. Gutter Downspout Piping


 Sign #6: Migrating Mulch

When soil doesn’t drain properly, run-off can carve valleys into your landscape, dumping silt on pathways and carrying piles of mulch where they don’t belong. Your concrete patio might also have cracks or the paving stones might start popping up and out of alignment.

Solution: French Drain, Catch Basin. Build Soil Mounds or Swales.


Be sure to keep your gutters clean, frequently inspect attics, basements and crawlspace areas. If you suspect you maybe having drainage problems be sure to contact Rainy Days right away to take care of the issue and stop any further damage. (919) 779-9285

Let our professional team handle your drainage problems before it’s too late!

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