Take Control of Your Home’s Lighting

It’s cold! It’s dark! Winter is officially here in less than a month, but it feels like the deep throws of the dark and cold already. Thankfully, there are solutions! First, you have the option of moving somewhere that has more daylight. Or, to avoid uprooting your life, you could consider a simpler solution—landscape lighting.

Why come home to a dark driveway, dark lawn, and dark house? There’s nothing inviting or safe about unlocking your door in the pitch black.

There are several options when it comes to landscape lighting.

  1. You can go the simple route by adding solar lamps to frame your driveway and some column lights to illuminate parts of your lawn.
  2. Or, you can get a little more fancy with some uplighting to your home to accentuate the architectural details of the front exterior.
  3. You also have the ability to extend your living space by adding lighting your back exterior with down lights mounted on deck posts and step lights set in the riser of the steps to provide light on the deck.
  4. Path lighting also reduces the risk of tripping or falling.

With the cold weather on the rise, now is the perfect time to set up your exterior lighting to make the most use of your fire pit and outdoor space while staying safe. Take advantage of the perks of landscape lighting, such as automatic lights, energy efficiency, and remote applications that allow you to control your lighting system from your cell phone.

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