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Backflow and Testing: Our certified backflow prevention device testers can handle the annual testing, repair and replacement of backflow preventers. : Request a Service Now Request Blackflow Service


Installation / Testing / Repairs / Replacement

Backflow TestingRainy Days has trained and certified backflow prevention device testers on staff to handle the annual testing. Our testers are also experienced in repair and replacement of backflow preventers should the need arise. We handle submitting the test report to the municipality on your behalf and a copy is sent to your home for your records.

If your device needs repair or replacement we will notify you and provide you with a cost estimate prior to the work being performed. Contact Us Today to schedule your appointment.

Testing Fees:

Residential Backflow Device Test:  $95 - $108.00 depending on the municipality

Residential Backflow Device Test*: $50

*For customers who are under our Service Contract and Town of Cary Residence*

Backflow Prevention

What is the Purpose of a Backflow Prevention Device?

A backflow prevention device is designed to keep the public drinking water free of contamination. Contamination can occur anywhere a public and private water system connect(i.e. city main and your house). Contamination is any substance that has the potential to be introduced into the water system that may cause harm to the public. This could be fertilizer, house hold cleaners, or other agents.

When should I get my backflow tested?

Because backflow can cause serious health problems, most municipalities require backflow prevention devices to be installed at any point of cross connection. Most municipalities also require annual testing of these backflow preventers to ensure that they are functioning properly for the safety of the general public.


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